Although it may seems like getting noticed on the web is impossible, it’s not much different than meeting someone face to face for the first time! Read on to see how you can make sure your brand gives off a great online first impression.


Research Your Audience

Know who you’re going to be speaking to. Researching your audience should include a full target market analysis (think age, gender, location, hobbies), which will help you formulate effective messaging.


Dress to Impress

By “dress” we don’t mean clothing, we mean your website! When a customer is searching for information about your brand, the website is typically the first place they’ll look. A slow, outdated, or unattractive site will turn customers away. Use a website theme that reflects how you want to be perceived – choose colors and fonts that look great and represent your brand.


Introduce Yourself

This means utilizing social media platforms and a blog, and updating them regularly. Using content to spread your message gives a face to your company, and makes your brand accessible to customers.


Speak Eloquently

Have a clear idea of what you’re going to say, and to whom you’re going to say it (see Step #1). If you can’t get the point across in your messaging, your customers will never know what you’re all about. Make sure all of your content (webpage copy, blog posts, videos, social media, podcasts, etc.) is clear, concise, and double checked for errors.


Make Sure They Know What Makes You Special

Top brands all have something in common: They do something to stand out from the competition, and they make you talk about them. By making a genuinely lasting impression with your audience you’ll become easily recognizable. Share information about your products, successes, clients, and anything else that makes your company unique!


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