I love blogs. They are a powerful medium. Like anything on the internet, they range from entirely self-serving to extremely useful – if you do your research, they can be a great resource! Here are the benefits of having a blog, the way I see it:


  • Regular blogging is a great way to market your business and even generate leads since blog posts can be shared across social media and put you in front of new audiences.
  • Provided you are doing your research, blogging helps establish you or your company as experts in your field


Following other blogs:


  • Following blogs related to your work is a great opportunity to learn from others in your industry
  • Checking out other blogs is a good way to get ideas for things you want to write about. (I’m not talking about copying content, it’s more a way to become inspired – like when two or more people get together and throw around ideas to get the creative flow going.)
  • Following a variety of blogs is a good way to stay current on new happenings in not just your field, but the rest of the world, too.


I asked around our office to find out what blogs the people on our team like to follow. It was fun to learn more about what my coworkers are interested in, and I found a couple of new blogs to follow. Maybe you will, too!


Geoff McMahen, President & COO:

For industry-related content, I follow the InVision and Positionly blogs. For personal interests, I like Five O’Clock.


Forbes Robertson, Front End Developer:

When I’m in a painting mood and need inspiration, I go here. This is another great artist blog. For work-related information, I follow Gizmodo, Clectaverseand CSS Tricks. This last one is technically not a blog, more like a wiki, but if you want to get down to brass tacks with WordPress, this is the place to go.


Our designer Adam Naglich likes Lifehacker.


Stacey Burdge, Designer, Project Manager

For blogs related to my field, I follow these: Spoon Graphics , From Up North, and YoutheDesigner.

For my own personal interests, I follow Fresh Lemons and Funky Junk Interiors.


Sarah Newlin, Content Specialist:

Copyblogger is my favorite work-related blog, and my favorite non-work related blog is Smitten Kitchen.


As for me? Sharon Stanton, Operations Manager:

The HubSpot marketing blog is one of my favorite industry-related blogs to follow. They post every day and always have something interesting to offer. They have several contributors, and I like their “voice.” For my personal interests, I love Tastespotting, which is not a blog in itself, but a beautiful online recipe box! Each image links to a recipe, which is usually from a blog – so I have found a lot of new things to follow via Tastespotting. Speaking of recipes, I also love Teaspoon Communications’ Teaspoon of Spice – great recipes, and I love their Healthy Kitchen Hacks series. The Momastery blog is another favorite. I love to read her insights, and admire the way she has used her blog to create a community of hundreds of thousands, which has done some amazing work in the name of Momastery.


Are you blogging? Where do you find your inspiration for new things to write about? What are your favorite blogs to follow? Share your ideas in the comments!


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