Is your company on Facebook? Great! Are you tweeting? Aces! How about LinkedIn?



If your company does not have its own LinkedIn page, you’re missing out. How can a business LinkedIn profile help your business? Lots of ways!

Build your brand: A company LinkedIn page that reflects your company culture and vision is a great opportunity to increase your exposure, and introduce yourself to a new audience. However, it’s not as simple as setting up the page and watching the new leads come in. You must actively participate and engage your audience! If you are offering content that LinkedIn users find valuable and shareable, it will help establish your company as an expert in your field. You can also “help things along” by using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. Yet nothing beats the following you create by offering interesting, fresh content relevant to your audience.

SEO benefits: Google gives LinkedIn profiles high page ranks, so having a LinkedIn page for your business can bump it up in the search engines. If people are linking to your website from your LinkedIn company page, that helps your search rankings, too.

Recruit new talent: You’ve heard it before- “Networking is everything.” These days, you can do a great deal of networking by just logging into LinkedIn! If you are looking for new talent in your company, take a look at your list of followers. LinkedIn allows companies to view profiles of and communicate directly with followers who they think may be a good fit for their organizations.

Keep an eye on your competition: Follow your competition and see what they are doing! Are they following you? How does your profile and content match up to what they’re offering their followers? A little healthy competition motivates us all to keep up our game!

Here are some Dos for your company’s LinkedIn page:

  • Keep your content fresh.
  • Make sure your voice fits your branding.
  • Use graphics, videos, and other eye-catching ways to engage your audience.
  • Once you have the audience, interact! Respond to their questions, comments, and feedback.
  • Encourage your employees to establish personal profiles if they do not have them – it’s a great way to be introduced to a new audience via trusted connections.
  • Watch companies that are making the most of their LinkedIn profiles. Here are a few to get you started!

Disclaimer time!

A company LinkedIn profile should not take the place of your personal LinkedIn profile. A great deal of relationship building happens there that can’t be replicated through a company page. You need both.


Questions? Give Studio 7 a shout! We have lots of experience with this and would love to help you get started.

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