Predictions for marketing for 2016 all point to the same thing: social media will continue to be an important part of digital marketing campaign strategies. As Eric Schmidt, President of Winfield & Associates Marketing & Advertising said in his Marketing Predictions for 2016, social media is now just a normal part of life.


We have discussed before that it’s not enough to just have a social media presence. Brands must be offering something of value, and engaging with their audiences on a regular basis. As you are getting ready to set into motion your integrated marketing for 2016, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite posts from the past year that focus on utilizing social media in ways that are most beneficial for your organization.


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Our Favorite Brands on Social Media


Why We Love Instagram


How to Know When to Outsource Your Social Media


The team at Studio 7 thanks you for a great year, and we wish you and your organization great success in 2016. Happy Holidays!

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