Few things are as closely associated with your brand as your logo. It conveys your company’s message and sets you apart from competitors. That being said, there’s almost no point in working hard to build a brand presence through marketing if you aren’t proud of your logo. So, how do you know when it’s time to give your logo a makeover? We’ve compiled a few of our top indicators.


First and foremost, if your logo looks outdated, it’s time to redesign it.  Just because the company founders designed the logo one way, does not mean it needs to stay that way forever. (If you need proof, look at the evolution of the logos of Ford and Apple.) Here are a few common signs your logo is showing its age:


  • It doesn’t transfer well from web, to print, to clothing.
  • The concepts and imagery are based on items that don’t exist in the 21st century.
  • Your target market has changed.
  • They were written in Comic Sans, Arial, Helvetica or Word Art.


It’s one thing to embrace a vintage look if it fits with your branding, but in most cases it probably doesn’t. Thus, make sure you focus on creating something timeless that will still proudly represent your brand five to ten years from now. Ignore trends and stay true to your voice! (The best logos are clean and simple. Some large companies with a strong enough brand presence are even able to nix the wording completely – think Starbucks, Pepsi, Mercedes Benz.)


The second reason you may want to redesign your logo? You’re turning over a new leaf. A new leaf can mean many things. Are you targeting a new audience? Introducing a new product and entering a new market? (Maybe you’ve even undergone a huge change in management and employees.) These are all valid reasons to redesign your logo. Undergoing a logo redesign is a good way to get a fresh start and allow customers to see your company in a new way.


Finally, if you are redesigning your website, think about changing your logo too. If you have to undergo a complete website redesign, chances are it’s not the only thing about your brand that needs an update. Your website may be the face of your company, but your logo is most certainly the voice! A talented web design team will rework your logo, and then design a website around it, ensuring strategic and cohesive branding.


Always remember that updating your logo in one place means updating it everywhere. A common misconception is that a logo redesign only involves changing a few colors and fonts. This couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s no small undertaking, because in actuality you’re giving your brand a complete makeover.


Once the design is complete, you obviously need to update your website, social media accounts, all print marketing materials, and any signage you may be using.  However, don’t forget about email signatures and business cards. (There’s nothing worse than handing business cards out at a meeting, only to see that half of your team is still using business cards with your old logo on them! I’ve witnessed this first-hand and it’s definitely awkward.) Make sure everyone has an updated email signature, order new business cards for the entire company, and make sure all letterhead and stationery are reordered as well.


Your logo not only has the ability to establish a relationship while conveying your message, but also to present visual interest so that someone will want to take time to get to know your company better!

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