For any new business, it may seem overwhelming to create a social media plan from the ground up. The prospect of making an impact online may seem bleak when capital, manpower, or brand recognition are limited. However the fact is, it’s no longer an option to forego social media when planning your marketing strategy.


We’ve rounded up a few simple tips for establishing a business presence on social media.


Establish Your Pages: A great starting point is to secure your company name across every social network possible. (Yes, even if you don’t plan to use a specific platform, because it’s important to make sure you have ownership over your name anywhere it may be seen. KnowEm? Is a good resource for this.) Select profile pictures and cover photos with the proper dimensions, and use images that are instantly identifiable. Also be sure to complete every single item on every profile – about us, website, hours, location, etc.


Note that while it’s certainly important to be present, sometimes it doesn’t make sense for a company to be active on every social network. Once you have your brand name secured on every platform, pick no more than three to dedicate your time to for the first few months. Twitter, for example, should only be used by companies who are dedicated to sharing frequent updates (think 3-10 daily), as that is the nature of the platform. If you don’t have a lot of visual content to share, Pinterest and Instagram probably aren’t right for you.


Original Content Will Never Fail: Social media marketing cannot be effective without quality, original content. Great content gets people to pay attention. It also gets people to begin sharing, which is the fastest way to grow your audience quickly.


Utilize Available Solutions: Like many new business owners, you’re probably short on time and resources, making it difficult to be dedicated to managing social media. Luckily, there’s a whole slew of online tools available to help you. There are tools that will publish posts, monitor conversations, consolidate feeds, generate leads, and more.

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