We use a lot of tools at Studio 7. They help us manage our projects and financials, track time, communicate with each other and clients, create proposals, and lots more. Sometimes we try a new tool and realize it isn’t working the way we need it to, so we either figure out another way to use it or we let it go. Many tools we use as a team, but I was curious what other devices or systems my coworkers use individually. This week I asked them to share a tool that they use every day that they find most helpful, and how they use it. I got some great responses!


Stacey Burdge, Project Manager/Designer: From a designer perspective, I couldn’t go without my Moleskine. My favorite is the Large Squared Cahier Journal in Kraft Brown. It’s great for on-the-go note-taking and quick sketches. The grid paper allows me to make sketches in proportion. They also offer other great notebooks and sketchbooks that link with Evernote and even Creative Cloud.


Nissa Grayson, Designer: My Hurley backpack (purchased through the Apple store, of course!) The interior is so well designed that is like a mobile office. It keeps me pretty well organized, no matter what my day entails. In addition to my Hurley, it’s rare that I would be found without a Sharpie fine point in my vicinity.


Geoff McMahen, President: My top tool is Basecamp for keeping projects organized.


Adam Naglich, Designer: My iPhone; It has a much better memory than me. It’s where I store notes regarding projects, clients, and business ideas. It notifies me of meetings and tasks. But most importantly, it wakes me up in the morning. It also helps with communication, banking, purchasing, entertainment, and even monitoring and controlling my home remotely.


Sarah Newlin, Content Specialist: I like Slack for interoffice communication. You can share information and/or ask questions without disrupting people.


Forbes Robertson, Developer: Inspect element in Firefox is great for helping me troubleshoot visual elements. By just right-clicking on a page, I can see parts of a page’s code and alter things (while in the browser window) when I’m trying to figure out a problem. Whatever changes I make don’t save once I close out of the browser, but while I’m in there it’s great because I can zoom in and really take a close look at things.


Me, Operations Manager: I am going to catch heat for this from my team, but one of my favorite tools is the almighty sticky note. Yes, I can add an event to my calendar, I can set an alarm on my phone, but if I really need to remember something, a sticky note on my monitor or stuck to my car keys comes through for me every time. I love them. (The sticky note / pen aisle at office supply stores is dangerous for me.)


How about you? Is there something you use every day in your work that makes your life easier and wasn’t mentioned here? Speak up in the comments

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