It’s never been enough to just “be on Facebook,” which today, is even more true than ever. Due to the volume of stories in the average News Feed, it is increasingly challenging to get your content in front of your audience. According to Facebook, the average user has about 1,500 stories floating through their News Feed daily, but typically see only about 100 of those stories. With organic search declining on Facebook, what are some ways you can improve your chances of showing up in that elite 100?


1. Offer the goods: Facebook’s sophisticated algorithm considers a number of factors to prioritize your News Feed, but recent updates allow the user to choose the kinds of posts they want to see first. If you are offering something of value, either by educating, informing, or even just being funny, you will increase the odds that your target market will subscribe to your Facebook page.


2. Pony up. Investing in paid strategies, such as targeted ads or “boosting” your post, can help increase your content visibility on Facebook.


3. Ask for help! In addition to your business page, share your content with your personal audience and/or groups you belong to (assuming it’s relevant to those groups). Ask people to Like, Share and interact with you! The more activity surrounding your content, the better, but if you want it, sometimes you have to ask for it.


4. Be a show-off. People are skimming their News Feeds. Your headlines and graphics need to grab and hold their attention. You don’t want to be misleading, though. Your audience should be able to read your headline and the status update that accompanies it, and get exactly what they expect to see when they click your link.


5. Branch out. Try something new. Facebook Live and Periscope allow real-time audience interaction, which is proving to be very popular with users. Live video is viewed three times more than other video, and as such, it is getting priority in News Feeds. If you have not embraced video content yet, now is a great time to start.


6. Get to the point. More is not always better. People are cruising their News Feeds at work and on the go, and may not want to commit to even a seven-minute read. The sooner you can make your point, the better (Infographics are a great way to achieve this.) Similarly, it is better to publish higher-quality content less frequently, than overwhelm your audience with a bunch of stuff they can’t use, just to stay in front of them. Wouldn’t you rather people be watching for your next great piece of content, rather than sighing, “There they are again.


What kinds of tactics are you using to get your content noticed on Facebook? Share your ideas in the comments! (See what I did there? I asked for your help!)

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