It’s no secret that Facebook has a huge audience– over 1 billion active users who each spend nearly 7 hours a month on the platform. Therefore you can pretty much assume that no matter what industry you’re in, some portion of your customer base is on Facebook. Creating a company Facebook page is one way to take advantage of that audience, but it’s only the first step to seeing results.


We’d all like to believe that we can just “Create a Facebook page, and they will come.”, but that’s definitely not the case. Successfully promoting your business through Facebook requires a combination of brand awareness and great content. A simple way to create this brand awareness is through Facebook Ads!


According to Facebook, advertising on their platform is this simple: “A business creates an ad. They choose the type of audience they’d like to reach. If you’re in that audience, Facebook shows you the ad.”

In other words, it’s very simple to create a Facebook ad. Not to mention, it’s inexpensive. The minimum spend is only $1.00 per day, and although that may not sound like enough money to reach the number of people you’d like, with the right targeting criteria you can reach thousands of people. The great thing about targeting users on Facebook is that the work is done for you. Facebook ads are targeted to user demographics and interests, meaning you can set refinements based on age, location, gender, and interests.


And we can’t forget the best part about Facebook Advertising- that you can easily see what you’re getting out of it. With any type of advertising, if you can’t measure ROI then it’s not very helpful to you. With Facebook, you can clearly see what you have spent and what the results have been.


If you think Facebook advertising would be beneficial to your company, Studio 7 can help with that. We provide full Social Media Optimization services to our clients. Send us an email or give us a call– let’s get the conversation started.

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