The truth is, consumers have adapted to smartphone and tablet usage for their day-to-day web activities. New data shows that the average smartphone user spends nearly three hours on their device per day! This means that your audience searching for your website on their mobile devices, and if you don’t have a responsive website design you WILL be losing customers.


A responsive website design is one that provides the same experience to users across many different devices. (Namely, ones with different screen sizes.) A responsive website is one of the most valuable tools your company can have. No matter how well you think you know your customers, it’s nearly impossible to anticipate on which type of device they’ll be searching for your website.

Don’t have a responsive website design yet? You are probably losing sales, and here’s why:


  • Your Site is Not Appearing in Google Searches as Much as it Could Be Google prefers responsive web design for one simple reason- What is good for Google’s customer is good for Google. They want their customer (people searching for your products) to have the best experience possible. Therefore, if you don’t have a responsive site you’re going to negatively affect your ranking potential.
  • It’s a “Turn-Off” To Customers- Over two-thirds of users claim they are more likely to make a purchase or submit an inquiry from a mobile-friendly website. If a user pulls up site on their mobile device, and they see a shrunken down version of your regular site, they are extremely likely to leave! The phone number is hard to find, the nagivation is too small- bottom line is that your brand isn’t recognizable. Don’t force users to pinch and zoom to access your content- make your website responsive and easy to use.
  • The Future Is Mobile- Without some sort of mobile website, the outlook is bleak for your business. Sixty percent of cell phone users in the United States use a smartphone, and over 50% of those users do most of their internet browsing on their smartphone! These numbers are real and steadily increasing, so it’s important to make the change now.

Get back up to speed with the competition- make the change to a responsive website design today. Studio 7 is experienced in creating mobile-friendly websites. Reach out to us, and get your website on the right track.

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