Adding interactive content like infographics to your website can be one of the most effective strategies in an overall digital marketing campaign. An infographic (a mash-up of the words, information and graphic) is simply the representation of information in a graphic format. Sometimes it’s difficult to present necessary information in an aesthetically appealing and interesting format, and that is where an infographic works well.


Infographics as content have become more popular since the rise of Pinterest, which makes sense, as Pinterest is a visually-driven social network. They make the most sense when you need to make data understandable at a quick glance, rather than requiring that your audience read through multiple paragraphs to find key points. Otherwise, you risk losing their interest.


But how do you make your infographic stand out? There are hundreds of thousands of infographics out there. (In fact, I just did a Google search for the term “infographic” and got over 73 million results.) Everything from the latest blog post about infographics (like this one) to different tools to “Make your own infographic!” appear in search results. Here are a few things to remember when creating your infographic.


An infographic should:


  1. Be visually engaging, yet easy to read. Do this by using as few words as possible.
  2. Quickly communicate the message. Remember, you’re using this infographic to simplify data.
  3. Portray data patterns and relationships. Use graphics and charts to assist with this.
  4. Contain a subject matter that is appealing to your target audience. Don’t make something into an infographic that your audience won’t be compelled to share.
  5. Be creative! There are a million different ways to display information graphically. If you’re stuck on ideas, enlist the help of a graphic designer. (Don’t forget to make sure it matches your brand identity!)
  6. Be able to stand alone, out of context. This is the most important tip! If your infographic is shared by people, you need to make sure everyone knows it’s yours! Put your logo on it, and make sure it has the right amount of information and doesn’t need to be backed up by a blog post or article to make sense.


Want to get the ideas flowing? Check out some of the coolest, most creative infographics on Pinterest here.

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