You’ve done your research, and you are ready to embrace responsive web design. Awesome! You are on your way to a higher conversion rate and more sales! As you can see from this recent announcement from Google, having a mobile-friendly website is becoming critical, so congratulations on this important first step.


So now what?


  • Hire a professional. (We’re not just saying that because it’s what we do.) There are many online tutorials about how to develop a responsive website, but chances are, if you are reading this post, you’re not interested in coding your website yourself! An effective responsive website design is more than just a website that adjusts its size to accommodate the device on which it’s being viewed. There are several other elements to consider. With some advanced preparation, your first conversation with the developer you choose can be very productive!
  • Evaluate your current website. What is the action you want visitors to take when they come to your site? Do you want them to make a purchase? Join a mailing list? Fill out a contact form? Your call-to-action should be front and center, and easy to use in a mobile-friendly site.
  • What stays and what goes? In the process of evaluating what you really want out of your site, you need to understand your customers. What information do they want when they come to your website? Put yourself in their shoes – understand that the content on your website that you may find most interesting, (company history or team biographies, for example) your customer probably does not care about as much – and it doesn’t belong on a mobile-friendly website.


Take some time to think about these issues. Once you are prepared to have a conversation about them, you will be off to a great start to developing an effective responsive website design.


Does answering these questions seem daunting? Don’t sweat it. Within a few, quick conversations we can help answer those questions for you.



Take the next step, call us at 248-721-4757 or contact us through our web form. 


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